Macarons from Rush Patisserie

Rush Patisserie macarons


On a recent trip to Dallas I stopped by Rush Patisserie in search of macarons. I got SUPER lucky. Apparently you have to make a special order for macarons, but they had a few in stock due to an order they’d just made for another customer. Whew. I would have been pretty heartbroken if I’d had to walk away without any of these tasty treats in Dallas!

Rush Patisserie is owned by Samantha Rush, a reformed Big Four accountant who followed her dreams and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu in 2000. Samantha opened Rush in 2007 and has been treating Texans ever since. (She has also done such impressive things as created Maya Angelou’s 80th birthday cake!)

I read many reviews saying Rush Patisserie is THE place to get macarons in Dallas, so I was beyond excited when Samantha said she had a few extras in back. I got one each of four flavors: champagne, raspberry, pistachio, and chocolate.

Rush Patisserie Champagne Macaron

I started my taste test with the champagne macaron, because it’s a flavor I haven’t found anywhere else on my travels. Let me tell you – it was exquisite. Like, skip the wedding cake and give everyone champagne-flavored macarons exquisite. Perhaps more than any other macaron I’ve encountered, the macarons from Rush Patisserie have the PERFECT eggshell exterior. You can see how fine it is in the image above, and the cookie crumbles exactly as it should after one bite. (The exterior of an older macaron isn’t as fine and won’t crumble as well.)

Down to three macarons left to eat! In this photo you can easily see that the macarons are not all a uniform size. The pistachio and raspberry macarons were much larger than the chocolate, but it didn’t affect the taste at all! Check out the monster feet on the pistachio and raspberry macarons!

raspberry macaron Rush Patisserie

It looks amazing, doesn’t it? While raspberry isn’t a flavor I’d normally purchase because I don’t love the berry, this raspberry macaron was delicious! The raspberry flavor was more sweet than bitter, which I appreciated.

Raspberry Macaron Rush Patisserie

Again, an absolutely perfect eggshell exterior.

I was able to talk to Samantha for a minute while she was grabbing my order and she told me that she has tasted macarons from all over the world, and the one thing to keep in mind is that they really only last two days at most. It made me wonder how old some of the other macarons were that I’ve tasted. I can tell you that these from Rush Patisserie tasted incredibly fresh. I’m basing that on the cookie not yet being too chewy, and the thin and delicate nature of the cookie.

Should you find yourself in Dallas, I can’t recommend stopping by Rush Patisserie more highly enough, although I recommend calling your order in ahead of time and not winging it like I did.

Rush Patisserie is located at 1201 El Dorado in Dallas, Texas. Make Eldorado one word if you’re using a GPS.

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