Moonpie from Milk

Delicious Moonpie from Milk Bakery in Los Angeles

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I stopped by Milk to try out a couple of treats. I left there with a Moonpie, because I’d recently been down south where I’d been reintroduced to Moonpies and for a period of a couple of weeks I couldn’t get enough.

Moonpie from Milk Bakery in Los Angeles, CA

The Moonpie at Milk certainly didn’t disappoint. The chocolate, graham cracker, and marshmallow went together perfectly. There was quite a bit of marshmallow in the moonpie, which meant it was wonderfully sticky, sweet, and delicious. The Moonpie was large, and easily could have been divided into multiple sittings (though I enjoyed it in one, of course). Were I to return to Milk I’d be tempted to get this same exact treat again.

As for Milk itself, there were quite a few desserts from which to choose! I did have a bite of the red velvet macaron ice cream sandwich and it was equally as amazing as the moonpie. I’m thankful I don’t live close to Los Angeles or I’d be tempted by that ice cream sandwich 365 days a year. (Where I can resist some sweets, I can never resist ice cream!) The shop had a good amount of seating, especially compared to most bakeries. Just beware of the parking situation and DON’T park on the side street. I did this without realizing it was permit parking only and was about 30 seconds away from getting a parking ticket. Whoops.

Milk is located at 7290 Beverly Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

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