Macarons from Tout de Sweet


I recently spent a few days in the Washington DC area and made my rounds to various bakeries in the area, including Tout de Sweet in Bethesda. I went there after reading about their incredible macarons on Yelp and they absolutely did not disappoint.

The selection at Tout de Sweet was better than I’ve seen at many a bakery. There were so many different flavors from which to choose! Based on the macaron decorations all over the cute little shop, I assume they always have a fairly vast assortment of flavors available. They even had seasonal pumpkin flavor available. (I didn’t get this one because I haven’t enjoyed the pumpkin macarons that I’ve tried elsewhere.)

Tout de Sweet macarons


I chose an assortment of 12, which came packaged in a cute box just big enough for 12 across. (Cute and sturdy box, but not the best for transporting macarons on airplanes.)

Tout de Sweet macarons

These macarons are so delicious I almost don’t know what to say. They may quite possibly be darn near perfect.

red velvet macaron from Tout de Sweet

Tout de Sweet is definitely the creator of the best red velvet macaron I have EVER had. Red velvet is one of my go-to flavors when it’s on the menu (what can I say? I love my red velvet!) When you bite into this red velvet macaron you can actually taste the cocoa and the cream cheese flavoring. It’s the most flavor-packed macaron I’ve ever encountered. The flavor of this red velvet macaron is better than 90% of the red velvet cupcakes I’ve encountered.

As for the technical aspects of the macarons, they’re perfect. They are uniformly sized, and the meringue has the perfect crunch outside. Once you bite into it the cookie is soft and chewy and full of flavor.

If you’re in the DC-area, Tout de Sweet is not to be missed as a macaron destination. I’m just bummed that I don’t live closer!

Tout de Sweet is located at 7831 Woodmont Avenue in Bethesda.


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