Giant Caramel Macaron from Bouchon

bouchon caramel macaron

While in New York City recently I stopped by Bouchon Bakery, which is located right alongside Rockefeller Plaza. Of course the reason for the visit was that I’d heard their giant macarons were tasty and I had to try them for myself.

I went with the giant caramel macaron from Bouchon and it was as amazing as I’d hoped it would be. Oftentimes when you find caramel macarons the filling will be pure caramel, which is obviously as amazing as it sounds. Bouchon stuck with a caramel-flavored buttercream and I have absolutely no complaints.

The cookie itself was delicious, although I think because it was so large it lost some of the eggshell like texture that comes with a traditional macaron. The cookie from Bouchon was more chewy, but I wouldn’t say this is a bad thing – it was delicious!

bouchon caramel macaron


Doesn’t that cookie look delicious?!

While normal macarons are fairly small and you can eat a few, this giant caramel macaron was rather filling! I don’t think I could have eaten two if I’d tried.

While the caramel macaron from Bouchon isn’t a true Parisian macaron experience, it’s a tasty treat that I’d recommend any day!

Bouchon Bakery is located at One Rockefeller Plaza in New York City.


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