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Macarons from Rush Patisserie

Rush Patisserie macarons


On a recent trip to Dallas I stopped by Rush Patisserie in search of macarons. I got SUPER lucky. Apparently you have to make a special order for macarons, but they had a few in stock due to an order they’d just made for another customer. Whew. I would have been pretty heartbroken if I’d had to walk away without any of these tasty treats in Dallas!

Rush Patisserie is owned by Samantha Rush, a reformed Big Four accountant who followed her dreams and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu in 2000. Samantha opened Rush in 2007 and has been treating Texans ever since. (She has also done such impressive things as created Maya Angelou’s 80th birthday cake!)

I read many reviews saying Rush Patisserie is THE place to get macarons in Dallas, so I was beyond excited when Samantha said she had a few extras in back. I got one each of four flavors: champagne, raspberry, pistachio, and chocolate.

Rush Patisserie Champagne Macaron

I started my taste test with the champagne macaron, because it’s a flavor I haven’t found anywhere else on my travels. Let me tell you – it was exquisite. Like, skip the wedding cake and give everyone champagne-flavored macarons exquisite. Perhaps more than any other macaron I’ve encountered, the macarons from Rush Patisserie have the PERFECT eggshell exterior. You can see how fine it is in the image above, and the cookie crumbles exactly as it should after one bite. (The exterior of an older macaron isn’t as fine and won’t crumble as well.) Continue reading →

Lemon Blueberry Cupcake from Sweet

As partial as I am to red velvet, the cupcake flavor I most like to see on any menu is lemon blueberry. The best cupcake I’ve ever had was a lemon blueberry cupcake from the now defunct Bleeding Heart Bakery in Chicago. In fact, my love of this cupcake is what inspired our wedding colors to be yellow and blue, with the thought being that we could decorate using lemons and blueberries. We didn’t decorate using these delicious fruits and instead my husband thought our decorations were representative of our alma mater, the University of Michigan. Oy.

But I digress.

Sweet Interior

(Sweet may seriously be the world’s cutest bakery!)

I ventured out to Sweet in Houston, as their online menu boasted both cupcakes and macarons. Once I finally found the shop (in the middle City Centre and not actually at the hole in the ground where some new construction is going up, which is where my GPS directed me), I was so pleased to see my favorite lemon/blueberry combination. Clearly one of those was coming home with me!

Sweet Cupcakes Houston

Seriously – everything at Sweet looked amazing! I also picked up one of the peanut butter cupcakes above, which I’ll try to review soon.

Today though we’re focusing solely on the lemon blueberry cupcake.

Lemon Blueberry cupcake from Sweet Houston

Sorry for the crappy iPhone photo. I could not get this cupcake to photograph well! The lemon blueberry cupcake from Sweet was a normal-sized cupcake with a disproportionate amount of frosting. I know that lots of frosting piled on top of a mini cake looks fantastic, but it can be overwhelming to eat. I ended up scraping 3/4 of the frosting off of the cupcake.

The frosting tasted delicious – it was the perfect consistency and had just the right amount of lemon flavor to contrast with the sweetness. That said, there was far too much lemon zest in the frosting, which at times gave the frosting a chewy consistency! You can see specks of the frosting in the image above. It was just too much.

The cake itself was perfect. It was moist and had the perfect number of blueberries. The flavor of the cake worked well with the flavor of the frosting.

Lemon blueberry cupcakes are, by design, a little more tart than the traditional cupcake so if you’re looking for a super sweet treat you might want to try something else.

Sweet is located at 801 Town and Country Blvd in Houston.

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