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Moonpie from Milk

Delicious Moonpie from Milk Bakery in Los Angeles

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I stopped by Milk to try out a couple of treats. I left there with a Moonpie, because I’d recently been down south where I’d been reintroduced to Moonpies and for a period of a couple of weeks I couldn’t get enough. Continue reading →

Valhrona Chocolate Fondant from Customs House in Brisbane, Australia

valhrona chocolate fondant

While I love pretty much any dessert that is set in front of me it is a rare day that my husband loves the sweets as much as I do. This Valhrona Chocolate Fondant knocked both of our socks off. It was incredible and easily falls into the top 5 of all desserts I’ve ever had. Too bad it’s so far away!

Here’s the description from Customs House in Brisbane, “Soft centred Valrhona chocolate fondant, salted peanut butter ice cream, vanilla bean Anglaise.” Continue reading →

Red Velvet Twinkies from The Stanton Social

Red Velvet Twinkie - The Stanton Social


I’m pulling this one out from the archives! (I’ve long been a fan of photographing my desserts!)

A few years back I visited some friends in New York City and we went to The Stanton Social for dinner. My red velvet obsession goes WAY back, so of course I had to try out their Red Velvet Twinkies.

Sadly, while I loved The Stanton Social (and especially the soup dumplings), the red velvet twinkies were just “eh.” The filling was fairly flavorless, and while the cake was quite moist it was missing that cocoa flavor. The dessert wasn’t bad, but if I were to return I’d probably get something else.

The Stanton Social is located at 99 Stanton Street in New York City.